Periodontal and Implant Services

Highlands Ranch Periodontics & Implant Dentistry provides comprehensive care for all aspects of periodontal health and dental implant placement treatment.  You might be anxious or nervous, so please keep in mind that Dr. Chapman can prescribe anti-anxiety medication, and IV sedation can be provided.  Anti-anxiety medication is an inexpensive prescription for a pill that you take before bedtime the night prior to your appointment, and again one hour prior to your scheduled procedure.  Many of our patients have found this to be very helpful and comforting.  IV sedation (conscious sedation) is a safe and effective way for people with a higher level anxiety to get the treatment that they need without any fear.  Sedation Dentistry has allowed millions of people like yourself to enjoy the many benefits of a healthier mouth!

 There are three main areas of focus in our practice:

     Our first love is that of saving teeth!  Periodontal Disease is the number one cause of tooth loss and we are experts in treating periodontal disease with the most successful, time tested methods available today!  We have saved countless teeth over many years.  Periodontal disease is almost always painless.  Just because a persons mouth does not hurt in no way is an indication of health!  The chronic infection progresses slowly over years resulting in the destruction of the jawbone that provides support for the teeth.  Eventually the teeth get loose leading to tooth loss.  There is very, very successful treatment for periodontal disease, just like there is for high blood pressure, another "silent" disease that without treatment has dire health consequences.  This treatment for gum disease is called "Pocket Reduction Treatment" and has stood the test of time and successful outcomes have been documented for decades.

      In those cases where teeth need to be replaced, Dental Implants are the closest to natural teeth of all replacement options.  We work closely with your dentist in order to provide you with a successful team approach to your implant treatment.  Implants can be used to replaced single teethor multiple teeth, and can be used to anchor partial or complete dentures.  It is very common for dentures to be loose fitting and therefore uncomfortable and difficult to chew with.  With the addition of implants, dentures can be secure and efficient, and can have a huge impact on one's self confidence and appearance! Painful? No, having impants placed is usually easier than having the tooth removed.  Our patients are frequently pleasantly surprised to find that they are able to resume their normal daily activities the very next day!

     Another area of focus and real enjoyment and expertise of Dr. Chapman is Periodontal Plastic Surgery, or gum grafting and gum re-contouring.  Smile changing procedures can be done to cover exposed roots, reverse progressive recession, decrease sensitivity to cold,  and improve a "gummy" smile.  Dr. Chapman performs hundreds of gum grafting procedures every year with excellent, smile changing results.

How do you get started?  Give us a call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Chapman for a thorough examination and discussion about your periodontal health and your concerns.  It just takes an hour or less and you will leave our office with a clear and accurate understanding of your specific situation and what your options are!

More detailed descriptions of Treatment Options and procedures that Dr. Chapman provides is available here: Treatment Options